You can't take the Christ out of my Christmas

ABOUT 3000 people a night have been flocking to see Maroochydore Baptist Church's Christmas lights, animal farm and Christmas production.
ABOUT 3000 people a night have been flocking to see Maroochydore Baptist Church's Christmas lights, animal farm and Christmas production. Contributed

IT'S Christmas, so get over it.

Call it what you like - season's greetings, happy holidays, Xmas, whatever - at the end of the day, it appears all of these sayings are actually linked to the same momentous event in history.

And that's the birth of a little baby in Bethlehem who, without a doubt, has had the greatest influence on world history.

That's irrespective of whether you believe he is the son of God or not.

I'm so tired of the politically correct people trying to take away Christ from Christmas.

Even our own Sunshine Coast Council can't use the proper word for fear it may be offensive to someone, but I'm not sure whom.

Imagine calling Ramadan "food-free month" to take away association with the faith behind it.

It's wrong and really, it's just plain silly.

What's funny, too, is the interesting talk I heard on how all the other newly-created "euphemisms" for Christmas actually mean the same thing anyway.

Take Xmas: the most common way to take Christ out of the equation.

Except that X, according to Wikipedia, which has no (known) religious links, comes from the Greek letter Chi, the first letter of the Greek word Χριστός, which in English is "Christ".

As for "happy holidays"? It turns out "holiday" comes from the old English "holy day".

And as for "season's greetings", what is the season? It's surely not just summer?

Santa Claus? Again, his origins are deeply embedded in the Christian faith, thanks to good old Saint Nicholas.

The Christmas tree, the star on top, even the giving of presents all relate to the same old, old story.

Why are some people trying to dilute the name of an event celebrated since 336AD?

And this reminds me of another irritation. When did we start teaching our kids "Before Common Era" instead of "Before Christ" for BC in school?

Again, it's stupid to try and take away this long-associated point in history.

So why don't those trying to take Christ of Christmas get over themselves.

And as for all of you, I hope you have the very merriest Christmas of all.

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