Cassandra Cochrane of Gladstone City Hair and Make-up makes a client photo ready.
Cassandra Cochrane of Gladstone City Hair and Make-up makes a client photo ready. Jazna Kent Photography

Women adopting natural make-up look

GOLD COAST make-up artist Cassandra Cochrane has noticed with Gladstone women, less is more.

"Compared to the Gold Coast, it's more natural," she said.

Ms Cochrane has moved to Gladstone with her partner, setting up shop as with business Gladstone City Hair & Make-up.

Regardless of location, Ms Cochrane said women need to educate themselves on what works for them.

"Almost every client says I don't know much about make-up but they're using it every day," she said.

"They need to find out basic information like what skin tone they actually are, what colours they suit them, what lipstick shades they should use."

Wearing too much make up can have the effect of aging

"A lot of younger girls especially wear too much make up where less is more such as heavy eyeliners and things that just don't suit them," Ms Cochrane said

"They need to go with that fresh faced look."

Ms Cochrane listed primer as an essential item for Gladstone women.

"Primer evens out the surface of the skin because in hotter climates your pores tend to be more open," she said.

"Also in warmer climates you want to keep up the powder to prevent the shine."

Ms Cochrane believes looking good isn't being vain and it doesn't hurt to wear make-up, even if you're wearing hi vis.

"When you look better, you feel better," she said.

"It helps women with their mood, confidence and they feel more feminine. Especially in a male orientated town like Gladstone. You don't have to be just one of the boys. Women still want to be feminine and feel like a woman."

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