Woman fears she's CSG target

Whiporie property owner Alison Johnston fears that she may be the target of anti-coal seam gas protesters.
Whiporie property owner Alison Johnston fears that she may be the target of anti-coal seam gas protesters.

AFTER Alison Johnston saw trespassers and suspect vehicles on her Whiporie property she began fearing for her children's safety.

"I saw a ute parked on our boundary and I thought it was an unusual spot to park, so I pulled up to the vehicle and there was an older lady in the driver seat," Ms Johnston recalled.

"She was sitting there drawing a map of the property or something. They could have been planning a robbery or to abduct one of my children."

Ms Johnston said the driver claimed to be alone and denied entering her property.

"Later on I let the dog out and he ran straight down towards where the ute was. And then this old man with a beard jumped up and started running. The ute took off without him (the man) and he was chasing it down the road. I started chasing him, and I was gaining on him but they stopped, turned around and pulled him in and took off," Ms Johnston recalled.

"I noticed there was a 'no coal seam gas' sticker on the back of the utility. That's what got me thinking it was someone from anti-coal seam gas."

About two weeks ago, Clarence Alliance Against Coal Seam Gas held a meeting in the area. Ms Johnston said the meeting misinformed people that a coal-seam gas well was operating on her property.

However, group spokeswoman Seanine Cooper refuted this.

Ms Johnston said she had nothing to do with the coal-seam gas industry and wanted to be left alone.

"The gas company must have had some information on the internet about the old gas well that was here and then these people are hopping onto their computers, reading it and thinking we're under contract. I'm not."

Ms Johnston's main concern was for her children.

"Our daughter has autism and she can't speak much to strangers - she's selectively mute. She's 15 years old and plays down near where the ute was," she said.

Ms Johnston urged anyone with information to contact police.

Ms Cooper said she did not know who had gone on to the property and her group was strongly opposed to trespassing.

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