Wine tracking app gets a thumbs up

Tracy Coster and Chantelle Fielding at Mojos trying out new app.
Tracy Coster and Chantelle Fielding at Mojos trying out new app. Tony Martin

TRACKING how many standard drinks of wine you've consumed is now as easy as touching a few buttons on your mobile phone.

A new smart phone application called The Wine Line was launched last week by Jacob's Creek. It allows wine lovers to calculate the number of standard drinks in their glass of white, red or bubbly by taking a photo of it and tracing the fill level on the phone's screen.

This application would come in handy because it was hard to judge how many standard drinks were in a glass of wine, bartender and Ambassador Hotel marketing and promotions manager Adam Saron said.

"It's easy to have a few drinks and go 'I'm okay to drive' but if you have a wine here and a shot there, it's easy to lose the perception of how many you've had and how long ago," he said.

"Good on it, if it works. It could be like having your mum in your pocket, saying 'ah, you've had one!'"

Mr Saron gave the application his stamp of approval, but not just because it would help people count drinks.

"I think it's a good idea to bring out new and funny ways to teach people about drinking," he said. "There's so many drinking game applications or cocktail apps. There's not many on how to monitor (your drinking)."

Wine was becoming more of a popular drink, highlighting the need for such an application, Mr Saron said.

"A couple of years ago (wine) was for a much more mature market, for 35 plus. If I mentioned it to an 18 to 30-year-old they'd turn their nose up. Now the girls are bringing wine to their orders.

"I personally feel it's got to do with the media and how kids are wanting to portray themselves as adults. In a positive way, I think a lot of women are trying to drink white wine because they're realising how wine tastes and are learning to appreciate the value of wine."

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