WATCH: Wild times at Dicky Beach as animals invade home

IF someone ever tells you Caloundra's Dicky Beach is a wild place, they're not talking about the party scene.

Local resident Felicity Foster sent in two videos of wildlife encounters they've had this week.

On Tuesday they had a visitation from a (very cute) baby scrub turkey, which apparently managed to find its way into the pantry.

When they took this video of the turkey running around in the kitchen - apparently just as keen to get out of the house as Ms Foster and her family were to have it go.

Then on Wednesday afternoon, they had a snake wander in for a visit.

It's not entirely clear what the snake is, but Richie Gilbert from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said he suspected it might be a keelback - a non-venomous snake the Queensland Museum describes as "one of the few Australian vertebrates to prey successfully on the introduced cane toad", making it a hero of the snake world.

Ms Foster said her 12-year-old son Michael took photos of the snake before helping remove it without incident.

"We managed to get it outside after a while," she said.

"We have a regular problem with snakes and this seems to be the start of the season."

Ms Foster is right about the snake season and if you grab Monday's Daily you'll find a handy guide to the 20 most common snakes - both deadly and friendly - you're likely to find on the Sunshine Coast.

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