Sophie Monk, star of The Bachelorette.
Sophie Monk, star of The Bachelorette. Channel 10

Why we’re falling for Sophie Monk

WHETHER or not she finds love as The Bachelorette, Sophie Monk will win hearts.

Based on an exclusive look at the first episode, the straight shooting former pop singer's "why the hell not" attitude makes her compelling viewing.

She sets the bar low, saying she hopes Australia won't think she's "a complete tool" and you can't help but barrack for someone so disarmingly open.

Early signs indicate that Monk, 37, will hold her own with the pack of blokes who are vying for her attention; some aggressively.

Undies are flung and enemies made as the lads compete for a new incentive, the 'double delight rose'; a two-toned flower that grants the recipient not one, but two sought-after dates.

Monk introduces her family, who I hope to see more of during the season.

Her parents have been married for 43 years, and her sister can't wait to see men trying to steal a kiss, "cos of the look on your face". We're with you, sister.

Monk, a self-confessed bogan, says she has been unlucky in love because she goes for the wrong sort of bloke.

Will being The Bachelorette change that? Probably not. But Channel 10 has lined up a smartly dressed assortment of suitors to choose from, the wrong sort and the right.


Blokes pull out all the stops to meet unlucky-in-love Sophie Monk.
Blokes pull out all the stops to meet unlucky-in-love Sophie Monk. Stuart Bryce

Magician Apollo, 24, is an early standout.

With easy manners, good looks and a buff bod, he's my pick for next year's Bachelor, or to replace Osher Gunsberg as host. He's that good. Even his rivals can't help but fall for him.

Ryan, 26, is the early contender for series villain and sets a new standard in revolting manners. He says he is looking for "spontanuity" (spontaneity and ingenuity? not sure) in a relationship, and grills Monk to be sure she's in it for the right reasons.

The worst part of this series is always the "cutting in" routine, where one-on-one chats are interrupted by competitors attempting to swoop in.

The blokes seem to overwhelm Monk, and it's ugly to watch. As one of them points out, they're "like a hunting pack".

Let's hope they calm down a bit.

Not just smoke and mirrors, Apollo looks like a good dude.
Not just smoke and mirrors, Apollo looks like a good dude. Mike Batterham

Let's give the last word to the lady of the hour, and hope that she is right: "I've got a really good feeling about this, and my intuition is pretty good."

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