Sydney FC head coach Graham Arnold.
Sydney FC head coach Graham Arnold. PAUL MILLER

Why Wanderers won't apologise to Arnold

WESTERN Sydney Wanderers CEO John Tsatsimas has ruled out a club apology to Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold after Saturday night's display of a lewd banner at ANZ Stadium by members of the Red and Black Bloc supporter group.

On Wednesday the A-League club suspended 14 members of the RBB who were involved in the Sydney derby incident, but Tsatsimas said the Wanderers wouldn't apologise for the tifo, which depicted Arnold engaged in oral sex.

"We don't apologise for the behaviour," Tsatsimas told 2GB.

"It wasn't an official, it wasn't conducted by a player ... we (the Wanderers) won't take responsibility for the poor actions of others."

The interview followed Arnold's press conference earlier on Wednesday when he said he had received no apology.

"Apology? I would probably have liked one by now," Arnold said. "I haven't heard from them for four days so I don't want one now. At the end of the day I would have hoped I would have got an apology, but I didn't get one. That's life and we just move on."

Tsatsimas said it was up to the fans responsible to apologise.

"We encourage those who do feel remorse and have taken that banner and contributed to it to certainly come forward and express that," he said.

"In terms of us, do we want that in our game? No. We don't resile from that, but having said that, we move on."


Western Sydney Wanderers fans during the Sydney derby at ANZ Stadium on Saturday.
Western Sydney Wanderers fans during the Sydney derby at ANZ Stadium on Saturday. DEAN LEWINS

Tsatsimas said the banner was contrary to the National Code of Conduct and was not welcome.

"Enough is enough," he said. "We've had a relatively short history with a lot of success but also we've had a number of issues in the past and I think we're at a crossroads in terms of where we go as an evolution of our club."

The Wanderers put fans on notice that "should there be any further breach of the Spectator Code of Behaviour in the active supporter area or on any RBB official social media platform, that active area will be shut down for a period of time as determined by the club".

The club announced on Wednesday afternoon it was in the process of issuing 18-month bans across all competitions for the members, who were identified via review of CCTV footage from the ground from before and during the Sydney derby.

The individuals were seen "concealing, assembling and displaying the banner" on Saturday night, and the ban is directly from the club - not a punishment from Football Federation Australia or the stadium.

Before being allowed back to games when the ban concludes, these members will have to undertake a "recognised social inclusion program" approved by the Wanderers.

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