Why Tobin's the tip of a nation-wide movement

I NOTE with great interest statements from Ballina man Tobin Saunders calling for jet skiers in his part of the world to be sent to Queensland.

As a Sunshine Coast resident I think I need to make clear, Tobin is on the right track.

Jet skis are as he said: "disturbing and dangerous" and they are no doubt part of a "hoon culture" which society should not tolerate.

I also think Tobin is quite right to say jet skis must have a massive and despicable impact on nearby marine life.

I would add that the sounds they make are infuriating and the people who use them are quarter wits.

However there is one thing Tobin has entirely wrong - Queensland will not be taking Ballina's jet skiers.

In fact it is only days since I wrote a piece rather similar to Tobin's - calling for jet skiers to be banned from Queensland's waterways and it gained widespread support.

>>Brain dead bogans on jet skis should be booted

And far from being encouraged in the Sunshine State some of the behaviour Mr Saunders has described was recently condemned by our Courts.

That said I do think Mr Saunders raises some valid points - why should the community tolerate an activity which creates enjoyment for a tiny fraction of society while irritating and endangering countless others?

Tightly enforced speed limits on the Ballina River and an all-out ban for any jet skis other than rescue craft on all beaches - except for Patchs where these halfwits can zoom about to their heart's content without really annoying anyone - seems like a solution the community should get behind.

In terms of exporting New South Wales' problem north I would encourage any jet ski riders reading this story to take note of the wonderful opportunities the Northern Rivers' waterways present.

And I would highly recommend a lengthy jet ski in the area followed by a good long swim in the ocean.

You never know we may get lucky - a Great White could be lurking just beneath the surface. 

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