Which One Nation figure is "oddest one out" asks ALP Senator

LABOR Senator Sam Dastyari has grown tired of Pauline Hanson's One Nation having to eject candidates for saying and doing controversial things -- including that one who said gay people should be treated like patients -- and apparently wants to help.

He has put on his best game-show host impression to create an internet episode of "Oddest One Out".

In it, he asks the viewer a simple question:
"Which one of these following people is not a One Nation candidate that Pauline Hanson believes has the right values for Australia".

The Senator then works through a list of would-be One Nation politicians and some of their ... quirks, let's call them.

This is not the first time Senator Dastyari has tried to help out his "friend" and Senate colleague. The pair appeared on ABC's Q&A last year, when Ms Hanson was shocked to learn the Iranian born Senator was a Muslim.

Senator Dastyari's profile peaked last year as he championed the "Halal snack pack" and even offered to share one with Ms Hanson -- an offer she declined.