Christmas time has come and it's polarising workplaces all over the world.
Christmas time has come and it's polarising workplaces all over the world.

What's the deal with people who hate Christmas?

WHAT'S the deal with people who hate Christmas?

Whether you're from the north or the south, it has to be the most polarising day of the year.

As the Sunshine Coast Daily news team enthusiastically rolled into the office for its daily meeting today someone said something along the lines of "don't you just love the smell of Christmas in the air?"

Of course it was promptly met with the office Grinch saying "I hate Christmas".

The anonymous member of staff then went on to tell us how it's just a meaningless exercise of filling your house with rubbish that will inevitably be discarded.

Although I love Christmas, they have a point.

Christmas really is just one of those holidays that was purely created for the faceless conglomerate fat cats to get fatter.

But I guess it's a timely boost to the economy or something like that.

It's not like America's consumer-based economy imploded recently.

It still doesn't explain why that colleague hates Christmas though.

All my childhood memories of Christmas consist of waking up at the most ungodly hours of the morning, unable to get back to sleep as my mind ran wild with anticipation.

And now, as somewhat of an adult, I look forward to the ridiculous effort my mother goes to, putting on a Christmas lunch that seems to last until dinner time.

I know there are people who are less fortunate than I am and that is totally understandable. Maybe they aren't as fortunate as I am to have a mother fussing.

But to the grinches I say cheer up at least for one day.

And, to answer the question, yes, I do love the smell of Christmas.

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