Depot Hill resident Emma Weldon laughs about her horror housemate experiences.
Depot Hill resident Emma Weldon laughs about her horror housemate experiences. Austin King

Rocky's Emma says men are better to live with than women

EMMA Weldon has had her fair share of bad housemates.

From body issues to bad aim, Rockhampton's Emma has seen the lot.

According to new research into the average Australian's shared accommodation experience, women make better housemates then men.

But they are less likely to pay the rent on time.

The survey branded men as messy, smelly, unhygienic and TV remote hogs, and said they were more likely to make efforts to get their fellow housemates into bed compared to women.

But Emma disagreed and said at the end of the day, she would much prefer a male homie to a female.

"I prefer to live with males over females," Emma said.

"They keep to themselves, pay the rent on time and also clean up, which has amazed me."

The survey also uncovered some of the worst housemate habits, like a failure to clean up and leaving dirty dishes under the bed, to which Emma could definitely relate.

"The most annoying habits my housemates have had are leaving the toilet seat up, having bad aim and using all the toilet paper," the 19-year-old said.

"Once I lived with this guy and he had a very bad problem with hair loss and he never cleaned it out of the shower so I had to do it which was yuck.

"I actually ended up moving out of the house because it was that bad."



The majority of Australians who have lived in shared accommodation believe the best number in a shared house is three or four.

The top three traits to identify a good housemate are paying the rent on time, being clean and tidy as well as friendly and sociable.

Irritating habits in a share house include flatmates having their friends and partner over all the time, choosing to stay in their room all the time and being neat freaks.

Emily Louise Harrison: Walking in on my house mate in the bathroom shaving his nether regions. Rebecca- Kay Francis: I used to have a housemate who would walk around naked all the time.

Nathan Arnold: My housemate once put tabasco sauce on the toilet paper.

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