TRUCKIE Tony Fulton has a message for Australia's drivers who see fast trucks - "We're not all d**kheads".

Tony, who runs the Facebook page Tones Truckin Stories, made the video in response to a truck driver who was caught and subsequently fined for doing 50km more than the 100km/hr speed limit on a New South Wales highway on the weekend.

He wanted to set the record straight - not all truck drivers were idiots doing stupid things.

"Trucks these days are all speed limited to 100km/hr and 99.95 of them are regulated to 100 or slower," he explained.

"The only way to go faster is what old mate's done in this situation, rolling off a hill with the momentum and weight behind you.

"Also to get to 150 (km/hr) he would have had to have put it in neutral - in other words, angel gear - so that was his intention.

"If I got this truck up to 150 (km/hr) I'd simply blow up the engine. Truck drivers just don't do it anymore and you'll see nowadays breaking down hills, most won't get past 105 and then they'll bring it back to 100.

"Everyone in general does the right them. I can tell you when blokes are flying past me - and they do - you go, 'What are you doing, d**khead?'"

He told motorists who were concerned about trucks "flying past them", that were worried about speeding trucks, to perhaps check their own speedometers as they might be set to slightly lower than 100km/hr and that would account for the "fast trucks".

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