Dan and Steph’s mushroom ragout on sourdough.
Dan and Steph’s mushroom ragout on sourdough. Photo Contributed

We love mushies!

THE mushroom, the shroom, the mushie - this fungi food has plenty of names, plenty of different variations, shapes, sizes and flavours - it's also very diverse and available all year round. We do love mushies.

One lucky day off throughout our My Kitchen Rules experience, we did a sneaky cooking school at Fratelli Fresh in Sydney, which was about 500m from where we stayed.

The cooking school and demonstration was very simple, but simple is always best. It was here we created a delicious mushroom ragout, but made with fresh gnocchi.

It was a great experience and a fun morning. Mushroom ragout can be tossed through some pasta, or we love it best for brekkie with a thick slice of toasted sourdough. How do you like your mushrooms?

Mushrooms have a beautiful earthy flavour but it's also what you put with them. This week we have included a ragout recipe that includes adding feta, pine nuts, fresh thyme and parsley - it's definitely a favourite with us. You should try this at home for brekkie this weekend.

We are also excited and proud to release our first cookbook next week, which is called EAT at Home. It will be available from our restaurant EAT at Dan and Steph's, from our website and from all good bookstores around Australia. It is full of yummy, easy recipes we love. We wanted to make every recipe so simple that anyone can create at home for their friends and family.

Mushroom ragout on toast


500g of button mushrooms

500g of other assorted mushrooms

2 tbsp of unsalted butter

1 tbs of coarse milled black pepper

½ tbsp of salt

1 tbsp of dry thyme or fresh thyme

½ bunch of chopped fresh parsley

¼ - ½ cup of cream

80g danish feta, crumbled

100g pine nuts, toasted

8 pieces of sourdough, toasted.


Place mushrooms, butter, pepper, salt, dry or fresh thyme, into pot and cook down mushrooms until soft. Add cream and fresh parsley and heat through. Toast sourdough, lightly butter then spoon on ragout, crumble over feta, fresh thyme and pine nuts, serve with lemon wedge. Serves 4

Dan and Steph Mulheron won My Kitchen Rules in 2013: http://www.danandsteph.com.au.

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