Paralysed kitten gets Lego Wheels

WATCH: Paralysed kitten gets Lego wheelchair

PREPARE yourself for today's dose of cuteness overload - a tiny ginger kitten on Lego wheels.

The kitten was brought in to a New York vet clinic in a recycled macaroni and cheese box, so the besotted staff named him 'Mac N'Cheez', or Mac for short.

Despite his happy persona, staff at the clinic quickly discovered he was paralysed in his back legs.

The tiny moggy had been abandoned by his mother, but the vet team wanted to give him a chance at finding his feet, so they set about crafting a harness out of old Lego pieces.

An adorable video captures the first time Mac got to test his new wheels, and the curious kitten takes to it in a flash.

Massapequa Pet Vet | Facebook

In the video, Mac lets out a squeaky mew before jetting across the floor, as delighted vet staff cheer him on.

Vets at the clinic have also been letting Mac splash around in a swimming pool, although he doesn't seem to be too fond of getting his fur wet.

Dr. Ned Horowitz told the Huffington Post that Mac was currently on medication but would be put up for adoption when he's healthy enough.

"He's eating well, he's very playful, he's affectionate", the vet said.

Vets say Mac's paralysis may be the result of nerve damage, but the curious kitten was slowly starting to regain some use of his legs.


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