WATCH: Could this be China’s new extreme sport?

COULD this be a new extreme sport?

Or something that should have featured at the Beijing Olympics.

An argument between construction workers escalated into a demolition derby clash of heavy machinery in China.

Police in northern China say at least two bulldozers were flipped over in the street battle.

In the video, taken on the weekend, several bulldozers create huge clouds of dusts as they ram each other.

Passenger cars can be seen speeding away.

One driver runs out of his bulldozer, while another tries to lift it up.

While the construction sector has been booming in China in more recent times, it has experienced a slowdown.

Competition between rival firms is obviously intense. Very intense.

But as some pointed out, perhaps it will be the birth of a new industry.

"China should patent this idea, I would love to buy tickets and watch it live,'' one wrote on the Youtube posting.

Another quipped: "Transformers assemble."

Another was more concerned about the video title.

"These are not bulldozers but front end loaders.  Don't people know the difference anymore?"

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