The Warner’s are sticking together.
The Warner’s are sticking together.

Warners’ heartfelt family statement

MOTHER'S Day has given banned Aussie star David Warner another reminder they sky hasn't fallen in after Australian cricket's ball-tampering fiasco.

Just a few weeks into his 12-month ban for masterminding the plot to tamper with the ball using sandpaper during Australia's loss to South Africa in the Third Test in Cape Town, Warner's next step remains unknown.

Just a week after speaking publicly for the first time since his ball-tampering press conference in Sydney, Warner has posted an emotional message on Instagram to proudly proclaim that the Warner clan are sticking together in his darkest hour.

Warner posted a message on Sunday, declaring his heartfelt appreciation for his wife Candice with a photo of his daughters Indi Rae and Ivy Mae.

"To the world you're a mother but to us you are our world," Warner wrote.

"We love you very much and can not thank you enough for what you do for our family. You have an amazing heart and a beautiful soul. Happy Mother's Day @candywarner1 #rock #warnerssticktogether."



Warner last week popped up in Darwin where he declared his break from cricket has given him a healthy perspective on the ball-tampering scandal and the consequences it had for him personally.

"I think the biggest thing for us has been when you are in a routine you can get caught in a bubble - cricket, hotels, packing your bags, coming home," he said last week in Darwin.

"You are not home for long. With an extended period of time you are in a good routine but then it is selfless - kids are a priority - so it's day care, swimming lessons, gymnastic lessons and then you get your quality time together as parents.


David Warner with his family arrive in Sydney to face the music.
David Warner with his family arrive in Sydney to face the music.

"Candice and I do all those things together. We take them to these things together - pick them up together. I always make sure I am able to do it all the time.

"I am making time now and it is worthwhile.

"I've missed that part where the kids run up to the gate saying 'Mummy and Daddy are here' and I am really enjoying and embracing that.

"The support has been fantastic. It is humbling and overwhelming. Sometimes you sit back and reflect and wonder do people care about you as a person.

"Sometimes with our society something has to happen for the worst for people to come out and show a lot of support and I think I've learned a valuable lesson in this myself for the support I have been given to be on the front foot to help others."

It comes after new Australian skipper Tim Paine jumped to Warner's defence, refuting reports the firebrand opener has been shunned by the team.


Australian cricketer David Warner playing cricket in Darwin.
Australian cricketer David Warner playing cricket in Darwin.

Veteran cricket writer Robert Craddock this week questioned whether the side's cultural rebuild could occur if Warner returned to the team as "half the players" couldn't stand him.

But Test skipper Paine, who this week was named interim one-day international captain for next month's tour of England, said the comments were unfair and he would welcome Warner's back.

"I certainly like Crash Craddock's writing. But I thought he was a little bit off the mark there," Paine said on Thursday in Hobart.

"David is someone who's certainly highly competitive on the field and, sometimes, that can rub people and oppositions up the wrong way.

"Within our team, he's someone with that energy and competitiveness that we love playing with.

"There's a side of David that people don't know. He is very loyal and really caring and a good team man to have around."

Warner, then-captain Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft were suspended after the Cape Town ball-tampering scandal.

Warner was spotted drinking alone at a bar during the saga, with Craddock pointing to a rift between him and other players.

In an interview on Monday with SEN radio, Craddock said players had told Cricket Australia they refused to play with Warner.

"How do you have cultural shift and Warner in the same team?" Craddock said. But Paine said he'd welcome Warner back.

"David is a respected member of that team. He always has been," Paine said. "As long as I've been around the team, he's been really well liked and really well received by his teammates.

"All three of those are going to be welcomed back into the team, if they are prepared to toe the line with our new brand of cricket."

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