CAPTAINS Mountain Rural Fire Bridge first officer John Rogers described a scene of the absolute chaos when flames entered thick wattle and eucalypt forest west of the Millmerran. 

"It was scary, it was frightening, and it was totally out of the control," he said. 

"A fire in that type of vegetation explodes like fuel from the oil that comes out the wattles and the gums.

"The fire was rising a 100m in to the sky.

"When that happens, you drop everything and run."

More than 30 rural and urban fire crews along with six water bombers, were called in to control the blaze when it sparked after lunch yesterday. 

Mr Rogers said there was little they could do to keep the fire at bay. 

"It is like taking a knife to a gun fight," he said.

"It was incredibly hot, and the rural brigades could not get within 100m of the front. 

"It was not possible to fight.

"You have to think about people first while property is a low priority."

About 10 crews are on scene today, clearing containment lines. 

"The best of the ground the resources are the monitoring those lines," Mr Rodger said. 

"The good work is done by heavy machinery and the aircraft. 

"On the ground you cannot see where things are, the smoke is too thick."

While horrific the fire at Forest Ridge and Cypress Gardens is something many residents expected.

"There is massive historic full load there," Mr Rogers said. 

"Everyone in the Millmerran area has been talking about this happening for months.

"I am surprised it had not happened sooner.

"Some of the fuel has not been burnt there for 20 years and it is impenetrable scrub."

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