Very good pupper needs a new home

GOOD PUPPER: Coco is on the lookout for a permanent home after her previous owner was forced to abandon her.
GOOD PUPPER: Coco is on the lookout for a permanent home after her previous owner was forced to abandon her. sophie lindner

WHO can provide Coco with a permanent loving home?

Iluka resident Gabby Barto was recently forced to take in the 10-month-old puppy after her previous owner, in an act of desperation, threatened to dump her on the highway.

Coco's owner could not keep her in the rental accommodation in which she was living, and feared eviction. However, she did not want to leave her beloved pet with strangers.

Ms Barto tried to explain she had three dogs which were already enough to handle, but after the ultimatum was delivered she wasn't left with much choice.

However, Ms Barto said she couldn't keep Coco on a permanent basis and was hoping to find her a good home.

"I couldn't possibly keep her for a myriad of reasons, some of them being my health and for reasons of fairness to my own dogs," Ms Barto said.

"Animal Rights and Rescue in Lismore, my usual go to rescue group, were already at full capacity. There were many other rescue groups I have contacted since acquiring Coco."

Ms Barto said Coco needs and deserves a loving home of her own.

"Preferably on a quiet property with women, and as the only dog in the household.

"She is an affectionate and beautiful dog once she gets to know you.

"She loves the water, walks, and just being with you in the garden where she will happily chew on a bone or chase and drink the water coming from the garden hose, or occasionally give you the ball back."

Coco has had all her vet work done and is ready for a loving home. If you can provide Coco with hyer permanent, loving home phone Gabby on (02) 6645 7081.

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