Until decorating and renovating do us part

RENOVATIONS and relationships - they're two words that don't go so well together. It's like driving a nail through a board - it can bring you closer together or split you in two.

There's tension and lots of it. I speak from experience, after renovating an entire house with my other half a year back.

Among the fuel from our experience was chronic indecision on my behalf - bless my partner - and his tendency to start 20 different projects before finishing one.

Therapists say renovation stress on couples ranks somewhere in between infidelity and meddling mother-in-laws. I'm not sure I'd agree but there's no denying renovating has the tendency to reveal our strengths and weaknesses - even under the influence of paint fumes.

As we recently unpacked the last boxes in our new home and laid the slate for some new DIY plans, although minor, we decided this time we were going to have fun with it - until decorating do us part.

If you're in the midst of a project or need help finding your DIY mojo, read on. It turns out, despite my efforts to justify the purchase of four replica designer chairs last weekend, I've committed a design faux pas.

Weekend has collaborated with two of Australia leading designers to bring you the biggest home interior trends of 2015. Find how to avoid the common mistakes renovators make, plus why you should throw a paint party.

Now that sounds like fun!

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