Man attacked after helping a fellow church member in need

A 'GOOD Samaritan' in Ipswich was beaten up after he gave help to a fellow church member in need.

Dressed in his Sunday best, 50-year-old Adrian Warren Farmer yesterday pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to assault occasioning bodily harm.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Matthew Donnelly said Farmer had needed a place to stay earlier this year.

A mutual friend from church provided accommodation at his Brassall home.

Less than a week into his stay, though, Farmer gave the 55-year-old home owner a black eye on February 20.


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Sgt Donnelly said Farmer had reportedly entered the house that day in an "aggressive and hysterical manner".

He said the victim approached Farmer after he heard his dog barking.

Sgt Donnelly said Farmer then struck the victim to the left side of his face in what was described as "an unprovoked assault".

Farmer then fled on foot to the Mihi Tavern where he purchased a six-pack of UDL.

Police found him drinking the alcohol in a nearby park and later charged him wih the assault.

Defence lawyer Amy Little said Farmer had been drunk at the time of the offence.

She said Farmer had believed the dog was attacking him that day and as a result was worried the victim was about to attack him, too. She said her client was remorseful, had apologised to the victim and had remained sober since the incident.


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Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said the hospital report showed that the victim had sustained numerous facial injuries which required surgery.

She said Farmer's behaviour was "irrational and violent".

"It was an unprovoked assault on a man in his own home - a man who reached out to assist you when you were homeless and in need," she said.

Ms Sturgess also noted that although Farmer's criminal history began only a year ago, he had collected a number of public nuisance and assault charges.

"There seems to be some significant issues which you need to deal with," she said.

"And if you are not dealing with those issues, you will remain a risk to other people and yourself."

Farmer was convicted and sentenced to nine months jail, but was released on parole.

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