Unlucky teen bitten by two snakes in two days

ONE incredibly unlucky teen got bitten by two snakes in two days, and had to be airlifted both times.

RACQ CQ Rescue has today airlifted an 18-year-old Proserpine man from Clermont to the Mackay Base Hospital for the second time in just two days after suffering yet another snake bite.

On Friday, the contractor was bitten by an unidentified snake on the lower right leg while working clearing scrub on a property near Capella about 10.30am. The rescue helicopter was tasked to retrieve the patient and arrived at the Clermont Airport at noon to airlift him to Mackay Base Hospital, arriving at 2pm with him in a stable condition.

Unfortunately today, the same man was back working in same paddock when he was again bitten by a snake, this time twice on the left forearm.

The patient told the RACQ CQ Rescue aircrew he had just placed a chainsaw down after clearing some small trees and scrub when the snake struck him. He wasn't sure of the type of snake, only that it was "brown coloured".

"This incredibly unlucky fellow wasn't very talkative as he was in great deal pain when we arrived at the hospital today," an RACQ CQ Rescue crewman said.

"He did tell us this time the snake bite happened at the opposite end of the same paddock he was working in when he was bitten on Friday."

RACQ CQ Rescue, with a doctor and critical care paramedic aboard, arrived at the Clermont hospital at 11.20am and departed bound for Mackay Base Hospital at 12.40pm.

The patient was in a stable condition when he arrived at hospital about 2pm for further treatment.

Today's task was the third time the Mackay-based rescue helicopter has flown to Clermont to airlift snake bite patients this week, the first being a 25-year-old woman who was struck on the toe by a brown snake on Tuesday as she walked to a sandpit with her two small children.

RACQ CQ Rescue has been tasked five times since Friday, flying more than 2000km to transfer unwell and injured patients to hospital in Mackay.

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