Dairy calves on the farm in Teviotville.
Dairy calves on the farm in Teviotville. Rob Williams

The ugly side to the $1 milk debate?

SHE was just trying to buy some cheap milk to give to her five grandchildren but Nadine's visit to Woolworths took a bad turn when another shopper abused her for ruining the nation's dairy farmers. 

But now the 51 year-old Townsville grandmother has found support from an unexpected quarter. 

Kidspot reports that Nadine - not her real name - was told: "It's people like you that are contributing to the downfall of the local farmer - you and your $2 milk" as she walked towards the checkout. 

Her reply has now gone viral.

"You don't know my circumstances!" Nadine retorted before pointing out that the woman had just purchased a newspaper from a Woolworths store.

"I support local businesses where I can - I buy my papers and mags from a newsagency when I can afford it and I buy bread from the local bakery, WHO THE F**K ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME!"

And while we can't confirm the accuracy of the report the reaction on social media has been fascinating. 

"As a dairy farmer, thank you for your support in a very hard time in dairy farming," Kellie Burns posted on Kidspot's Facebook page.

"It really means a lot. 

"Of course us (dairy farmers) aren't the only people facing tough times.

"You do what you need to do and if that means you need to buy $1 then please do.

"Don't be ashamed by it. No ones knows your situation, it takes a very rude person to pipe up to a stranger and dictate to them what they should be buying. 

"Any support is better than no support. For that I say thank you xx"

The news comes as Coles announces a new surcharge they claim will be passed back to farmers.

What you're saying  on Facebook:

Jeff Watson: "My wife, who has only bought Maleny Milk for years, was forced to buy the cheap stuff because Maleny Milk (and all the other brand names) were sold out when she visited the local supermarket on Wednesday afternoon. Some idiotic man then proceeded to abuse her as she was placing the milk in her trolley... tell me, does it make you feel proud to abuse a 65 year old grandmother for buying the only milk available to her? Wish I was there at the time of the abuse... grrrrrr."

Bell Hughes: "My mum will continue to by the woolies/Coles $2 milk as we go though it very quickly Normally in a day or 2 it's milk 😂 she doesn't have the money to go buy $4 milk every day so good on her for sticking up we also try to buy our meat from local businesses (only because we come from a butchers family)."

Taylor Anne: "I buy the $2 milk just because that's all I can afford at the moment. I got abused the other day for picking up a cheaper milk rather than the other stuff. I did stand there for a while looking at my bank account to see how much I had so I could support the dairy farmers but at this point in time I only had enough to buy the cheaper milk.. The people that are abusing others for buying the cheaper milk need to realise that they might not be able to afford the $4-$5 it costs to buy a 3L milk."

Justin Chapman: "You idiots!! What do you think will happen when Coles and Woolies have the monopoly because they have forced everyone else out of the market, and their own, 'once cheap milk', is the only milk available?? You'll be paying whatever price they want to charge. Then you won't have the choice to save a couple of dollars. Wake up!!"

John Solomon: "Comes down to your circumstance.....if it dosnt hurt the budget,help the dairy farmers by buying their milk.....if it hurts your budget to do that,buy the cheap stuff.no brainer here."

Cherie Hamilton: "I buy the $2 milk because I pour about 1.5 litres of it down the sink on the use buy date. We only use it in mashed potato."

Mick James And qld doesn't get daylight savings cause of the dairy farmers now that's a joke but it's true grow sum nuts."

Rachel James: "We'd all like to do the right thing for the farmers but not all have the choice ..... don't assume you know everything about the person based on their external actions."

Gene Corbett: "Its only when we have no farmers, no independants and are controlled by multi nationals from other countries, will we realise the gravity of our mistakes and then there will be no way back. Cheap for you know, but what future for your kids. Pretty simple really."

Kity Kity: "A pity this didnt happen when qld was affected with coles and woolies bringing in $2 milk years ago."

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