Lysandra and Alisa Fraser celebrate their win.
Lysandra and Alisa Fraser celebrate their win. Julian Cress

Twins celebrate their Block win after bathroom shocker

THE dethroned bathroom queens are now the queens of the kitchen on The Block: Fans vs Faves.

Twin sisters Alisa and Lysandra Fraser bounced back from last week's bathroom gate to win the all-important kitchen week on the reality renovation show.

"We were completely shattered last week," Alisa said.

"I knew we were in with a chance but I have come to the realisation not to go in with any expectation."

They were the only team to move their kitchen from the corner space on the original plans into the middle of their living and dining area.

The gambled paid off, with the judges saying they nailed the loft-style living brief.

"The girls are back," judge Shaynna Blaze said.

The twins' score of 28.5 narrowly beat the "super Ks" Kyal and Kara, who are proving to be stiff competition for the more experienced faves teams.

It was also the first time the twins' first-week decision to put a void into their luxury loft apartment to let in more light could finally visualised.

"Something with this sort of grandeur and then that massive big opening, the void in there letting all that light in but it also gives you a sense of freedom," judge Darren Palmer said.

Alisa and Lysandra's winning kitchen.
Alisa and Lysandra's winning kitchen. Channel 9/WIN

Last week the sisters launched into an emotional rant after receiving their lowest ever score from Blaze for their main bathroom, questioning the integrity of the show.

This week it was Brad and Dale who were upset with the judges after scoring just 24, the second lowest score of the week.

Their slick white kitchen was called dated by judge Neale Whitaker because of its cool, blue LED lighting and ice-white surfaces.

"I think the floor is absolutely magnificent, breathtaking, but there is something wrong with the feel of the kitchen," he said.

"Guys do I look younger in here, because I feel like we've gone back in time. This is feeling really dated to me."

While their polished concrete floor was a hit the curved bench top of their island was a flop.

Palmer likened the kitchen with all of its "bells and whistles" to a showroom display.

The critiques left the normally chipper mates from the 2012 series fuming.

"The coldness and the rest of the feel, put a jumper on Shaynna and Neale and Darren because you've got no idea," Dale said.

Brad added: "Two words for the judge this week, please explain".

While they received some of their most positive feedback to date, poor first-time renovators Chantelle and Steve have still yet to win a room.

"To me this feels like a modern reworking of the more country style kitchen, which we know people love," Whitaker said.

But a few rookie mistakes, like putting the cutlery drawer under the oven, earned them the lowest score of the week, 23.

"I feel like we might be finding our style or how to communicate our style a bit more," Chantelle said.

"(I'm) really stoked with the comments this week. I feel a lot more confident moving forward."

This week the teams will finish their lounge and dining rooms.

The Block: Fans vs Faves continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on Channel 9/WIN.

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