True love? Help Bus Guy find Bus Girl

IT could be one of the cutest local love stories ever.

A man, known only as 'Bus Guy' is attempting to find a woman, known as 'Bus Girl' that he met in Byron Bay on New Years Eve.

Posting on the Byron Bay Community Board Facebook page, Bus Guy wrote:

"To the quirky girl I met when we got on the bus, the 200, at about 8:45pm on New Year's Eve - I can't stop thinking about you.

"From the moment we got on together at Camp Hill (we got a free ride, woo!) until we got off at the Cultural Centre we spoke so effortlessly about all kinds of random nonsense.

"You were wearing a black dress and had pink boots on. You had fair skin and dark hair. I don't think you would have been any older than say 23. You were slim and a little taller than me @ 6ft. Yes, you were taller than me. I don't care.

"You told me that you were from Byron Bay, that your mother is a doctor, you're up here in Brisbane (where you have a sister) studying arts and science and that you're thinking about getting into forensic science-y med stuff.

"When we stood up to get off the bus, we accidentally touched hands and you jokingly made a cute "Oh my!" type gesture. Your company made the bus ride feel impossibly fast. After getting off, we shook hands and stared into each others eyes for a moment before parting ways. This was it! Time to ask for your details and to see you again! I wanted to… but I choked up, I just couldn't do it. Never have I been more annoyed at myself.

"I didn't get your number. I didn't even get your name. The regret is eating me alive as I know that I may never see you a second time. You were just so damn fun and adorable. I've never been so curious about and so enthralled by anyone in my life.

"It's a long shot posting this here but I'd like to try. If you somehow stumble upon this, let me know!

"I need to see those pink boots again. Coffee?"

Can you help Bus Guy find Bus Girl?

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