Organisation is the key to success during the morning rush and throughout the day.
Organisation is the key to success during the morning rush and throughout the day. sunabesyou

Top tips to take stress out of daily grind

SOMETIMES I'm tired before I even get out of bed in the morning. I swear to myself and dread the day ahead. Getting motivated every day is tough when sometimes a mum's life is so monotonous. But I have a few tips for you about getting ready for the day.

Set your alarm

So you need to get up at, say, 6am to allow enough time to make the kids breakfast, make lunches etc. When the alarm goes off allow yourself an extra 10 minutes to lie there, think about the day and prepare yourself mentally.

Write a to-do list

Keeping a calendar is so important, even if you just print a free one off Microsoft, and stick it on your fridge. Use your phone to remind you about appointments. Put a list of the things you need to get done in order. You will feel more in control of the day and also achieve so much more.

Get up, shower and dress right away

Before coffee time, have a nice hot shower. It's about being kind to yourself. A shower is a great way to get your butt moving in the morning. Dress in something comfortable but practical. Dressing for the day is good for the mind. Don't stay in your PJs all day - or you will just want to crawl back into bed.

Coffee, coffee, coffee and breakfast

Get that coffee into you, woman. And don't forget to have a nice healthy breakfast. Save the hot cooked breakfasts for the weekends. It's a good idea to sit down and eat with the kids and talk about how they are going to co-operate (well, we can try, can't we?). Set out what time you have to be out of the house, and give them simple instructions about what they need to do.

Manage morning madness

If your children are old enough (eight-plus) get them into the habit of emptying the dishwasher or collecting any dishes in the kitchen. Younger kids can do a pick up of anything lying around.

No screens in the morning

Not until the kids are ready to go with everything done. It's an incentive for them to move. I lay out my kids' clothing the night before, so they can eat breakfast and get dressed right away.

Jody Allen is the founder of Stay At Home Mum:

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