A LEADING Islamic leader in Toowoomba has strongly condemned the terrorist attack in London.

The attack took place on June 3 and involved three people attacking in two locations.

A van was driven at pedestrians on London Bridge and stabbing attacks took place in restaurants.

The attackers have been linked to Islamist terrorism.

Dr Shahjahan Khan, founding president of the Toowoomba Islamic Society, said Muslim leaders all over Australia condemned any attacks on innocent people anywhere, at any time, and by anyone.

He said there was no place in Islam to harm people, let alone killing the representatives of Allah (human beings) on earth.


Professor Shahjahan Khan.
Professor Shahjahan Khan. Dave Noonan

"The killers have no respect for the best of the creation of God, or even their family, nationality and faith. These are criminals regardless of the name they are known by or the flag they carry."

The attacks took place during the holy month of Ramadan, a time of fasting for Muslims, which Dr Khan said was particularly egregious.

 "Ramadan is a time for self-restraint and purifying inner-self through abstaining from things that are evil and not permitted by Allah and devoting to worshipping Him by fasting, offering night prayers, giving alms and helping the poor and needy.

"Every Muslim is devoted to acquire the quality of God-Consciousness in this blessed month of Ramadan.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families be they are in London or Manchester or Paris or Damascus or Baghdad.

"May Allah protect His creation, especially all descendants of Adam and Eve, from the harmful act of criminals."

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