LIVING WITH LESS: Two tiny homes on show in Clunes.
LIVING WITH LESS: Two tiny homes on show in Clunes. Amber Gibson

Tiny houses a big asset

TINY homes can be many things to many people.
Founder of Northern Rivers Tiny Homes, Allison Rainbird, was in her element at an Open Day in Clunes on Saturday.

She said whether customers are interested in a dual dwelling for elderly relatives, Airbnb guests, children who have grown up but can't afford to buy into the property market or sustainability purposes, "it's a way forward and it certainly solves a lot of issues as we move into the future".

From 9am, there were two tiny homes available to view on the grounds of Clunes Town Hall.

Both models, measured at 7.2 m x 2.5m, 4.3m high and weighing 4.5 tonnes are registered and built to caravan regulations, but are not your typical mobile home.

The difference, Ms Rainbird said is the timber homes - equipped with trailer and wheels - are built for permeance in relation to their purpose and materials.

"These homes are built to last, whereas caravans are built out of materials that don't have that longevity," she said.

"You are not moving it as often."

Depending on customisation, entry level homes start at $99,000.

Almost 700 people split into two lines, single file and waited their turn to see what fit inside.

Bob Newson who was comparing the costs of an additional accommodation on his acreage nearby, said a tiny home might be more economical and plausible to do.

"Council are so dear now for dual occupancy and the hoops you have to jump through for a fixed dwelling is very expensive," he said.

Mr Newson said he was very impressed with the practicality of the homes.

"You have everything that you need for a household, 90 per cent of the basics for good living in a confined spaced."

For younger customers, Makayla Russo, 18, and Mokai Parmenter, 19, the ability of tiny homes to enable off-the-grid living, promote minimalism and an opportunity to decrease a person's carbon footprint are major incentives.

"We're going to try and build one ourselves," Ms Russo said.

"They are so spacious, they are really big inside, you walk in and the high ceilings and the storage seems efficient and appealing, you don't need more than that in your life."

Mr Parmenter said the price and amount of wasted space has pushed him to explore tiny home living.
"I feel like the more space you have the more inclined you are to buy things you don't need."

Both models contained a queen sized and single mezzanine to sleep three, a convertible sofa for guests, storage, kitchen and bathroom facilities.

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