Angela Jay talks about her near-death ordeal. Picture: Channel 7
Angela Jay talks about her near-death ordeal. Picture: Channel 7 Channel 7

Tinder attack: 'Oh my god, he's actually stabbing me'

ANGELA Jay has revealed the extent of the fear she felt as an ex-boyfriend she met on Tinder stalked her and then attempted to kill her.

The beautiful doctor met Paul Lambert through the dating app Tinder and they were a couple briefly before the Coffs Harbour gynecologist called an end to their relationship late last year.

But Lambert would not leave her alone and planned to rape Jay and burn her with petrol before killing her in her home on the NSW north coast in November 2016.

In an interview with Channel Seven's Sunday Night, Jay told of the horrific moments when Lambert broke into her house and waited for an opportunity to grab her.

When Lambert did, Jay said she knew she had to escape "or die trying" because she was sure he wanted her dead.

"Because I wasn't going to just to find out what he wanted to do to me," she told the program.

"So I just made a run for it.

"He of course caught me. And then I just suddenly saw this knife in his hands.

"And I didn't feel him stabbing me, but I could see the blood when I looked down and I just thought in my head, 'Oh my god, he's actually stabbing me.'

"'He's going to actually kill me.' And I was so scared and I felt so alone. And that I was just going to die in this big house I never should have gone back to.

"And that I would never see my friends or family again."

Paul Lambert was shot dead by police. Picture: Facebook
Paul Lambert was shot dead by police. Picture: Facebook Facebook

Lambert stabbed Jay 11 times before then pouring petrol on her.

"I managed to stand up, but then he grabbed me again and put a rectangular can over my head," she said.

"My eyes were burning and it's got in my mouth and it's got in my ears and ... I can't even explain the horror you feel when you know that's somebody is trying to set you on fire.

"I was just terrified that any second I would go up in flames.

"I think it made me a little bit slippery, so I somehow got out of his grasp ... ...and just ran for the front door.

How the attack occurred.
How the attack occurred.

Jay's neighbour Steve heard what Jay's screams and rushed to her aid.

"I just kept saying over and over again, I'm gonna bleed to death.' 'Please call an ambulance," she told Sunday Night.

"My face was just burning. My face burnt, all I could smell was petrol, so I asked Steve to find some water to wash off my face."

Lambert was shot dead by police hours after the attack about 150km north of Port Macquarie when he confronted patrolmen with a knife after being stopped.

Angela Jay’s scars.
Angela Jay’s scars. Toby Zerna

He is gone from Jay's life but she still bears the scars of the attack.

"I think he wanted me to be unrecognisable and I can't really think about it because I just can't fathom how someone would feel that way about someone else," Jay told Sunday Night.

"I feel like I didn't die for a reason and that I now am here to make as much of a difference as I can, and to help as many people as I can.

"I don't cover them (the scars) up. They remind me what I've survived and what I've been through.

"I will carry them forever. I have no choice. So, I've chosen to think of them positively as much as possible.

"I am determined to make something positive come out of this."

Jay returned to work not long after the attack.

She is raising awareness of violence against women Jay is training for White Ribbon's Trek for Respect.

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