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YUCK: Removing old ceramic tiles, fixtures, bathtub, ceiling etc is a tough job.
YUCK: Removing old ceramic tiles, fixtures, bathtub, ceiling etc is a tough job. Big Cheese Photo

Time for a new bathroom - how much will it cost you?

RENOVATING your bathroom can turn out to be an expensive home-improvement project.

So it makes sense to meticulously estimate how much the exercise will cost before you start to take out the bathroom you already have.

No two bathrooms cost the same amount to renovate, even if designed by the same architect. Different factors contribute to the total cost - here are some of the most crucial:

Size does matter

HOW big is your bathroom?

Calculate the floor space and square footage. If you are interested in renovating only the walls, it's a nice idea to also get an accurate measure of the wall space.

Knowing the space you want to renovate will determine how much material you will be need to buy. If you need to guess, err on the higher side. Store the figures in your phone.

Choice of materials

THE market is loaded with different materials and you need to choose the one that fits your budget and style.

This is where you get to be creative too. You can try mixing it up - say an expensive countertop on an inexpensive cabinet. You could choose simple ceramic tiles over expensive hand-painted tiles.


BATHROOM fixtures can turn out to be the most costly of all the items. If you choose to keep the same flooring, you can save some money on the plumbing.

The price of fixtures varies widely over a wide range. A standard white toilet can cost under $200 but luxury fixtures can be around $3000.


REMOVING old ceramic tiles, fixtures, bathtub, ceiling etc is a tough job. Be prepared for labour costs if you can't do it yourself.

You could make it a DIY project if you have the tools, the time and the talent to remove things without damage, but it is wise to hire an expert to install new items - they will be able to take care of stuff such as holes, leakage and electricity.

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