If you haven’t been to Aldi, you’re not ready to fly ...
If you haven’t been to Aldi, you’re not ready to fly ...

65c Aldi must-have for your cabin bag

SUPERMARKET are a frugal traveller's best friend. Why pay $5 for a small bottle of sparkling water from the mini-bar when you can get a whole litre for less than $1 in a supermarket?

When I'm picking a hotel, one of the first things I'll check is how far away the nearest supermarket is. Even if I'm planning to splurge on dining out, knowing I can pick stuff up cheaply nearby is handy. That's especially the case if I'm facing down 7kg hand luggage restrictions.

But supermarket shopping is also handy before you set off, and you can prove that by heading straight to your nearest Aldi.

The discount German supermarket chain is a bargain-hunting traveller's paradise. Its twice-weekly special buys often include travel gear.

Its annual skiwear sale, which usually takes place in mid-May, most often results in massive queues on opening day.

Its bargain-priced suitcases are also well-regarded, and its travel power adaptors are usually much cheaper than rival chains.

On top of that, there are items that Aldi stocks all the time, and which are definitely worth your cheapskate travel dollar.

Ziploc bags and flight-sized toiletries are a must for smooth travels.
Ziploc bags and flight-sized toiletries are a must for smooth travels.


These are my top five Aldi frugal traveller picks. (Yes, similar items are often available from other supermarkets but usually they are at a higher price and not always in the right size.)


Your nanna kept tissues up her sleeve for a good reason. A pack or two of these in your hand luggage ensures no in-flight sneezing trauma.


Crucially, this qualifies under liquid restrictions for international flights, which don't allow any containers that are larger than 100ml. That means you can avoid sunburn, even if you're on a Jetstar hand-luggage-only jaunt to Bali or Honolulu.


Again, this works for international travel and this time you even get a brand name into the bargain.


Complete your international liquids kit with these clear plastic bags, which meet the
carry-on size requirements and will easily fit both the previously mentioned items (and can also carry your sandwiches). I'm also a fan of the slightly larger Goliath Slider Bags ($2.49 for 25) for keeping stuff separated in my suitcase, but these are technically a little too large to use for your carry-on liquids.


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At this price, you can permanently keep a supply of emergency painkillers in your carry-on luggage.

And, as a bonus tip, don't forget the Tim Tams. Few things annoy me more than people paying $6 for a packet of Tim Tams in duty-free.
If you want to take some overseas for friends or relatives, head to your nearest supermarket and grab some ($2.50 or so normally at Aldi and every other supermarket, cheaper if there's a sale). If you really want to scrimp, you can buy Aldi's knock-off Tim Tams, known as Just Divine, for just $1.49. But take note: they're made in the Netherlands, so they might not have the right Aussie vibe.

Angus Kidman is the editor-in-chief and travel guru for Finder.com.au

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