ALL SHOOK UP: Victor Trevino Jnr in Elvis - An American Trilogy.
ALL SHOOK UP: Victor Trevino Jnr in Elvis - An American Trilogy. Contributed

Three times the Elvis appeal

WHAT is better than one Elvis impersonator? Three of them!

Elvis - An American Trilogy is a show celebrating three stages of the King of Rock'n'Role's career, starred by Vic Trevino Jnr., Gino Monopoli And Greg Miller.

Trevino embodies the rockabilly sound of the young Elvis.

Canadian performer Gino Monopoli recreates the sophisticated sound of the Elvis movie years, with tracks from iconic films such as G.I. Blues (1960), Kid Gallahad (1962), and Speedway (1968), among others.

He recreates the NBC's 1968 comeback TV Special that brought Elvis back to stardom.

American artist Greg Miller channels Elvis in the famous White Eagle Jumpsuit.

He is the only Elvis impersonator to have known the real Elvis personally.

Speaking from her home in Texas, USA, and surrounded by his two cats, Vic Trevino said this will be their second tour in Australia.

"We are very excited to go back,” he said.

Trevino explained all three performers have been successful Elvis impersonators for years before uniting for this show.

"The producer and the music director got us together and we decided on the song choices.

"Because, you know, Elvis recorded over 700 songs but we can't do all of them in one show because people will fall asleep.

"We picked songs that people will recognise, songs that are fun and songs that were big part of his life and music career.”

The artist said the way he sees Elvis Presley has changed since he started impersonating him.

"I didn't grow up listening to Elvis that much, in all honesty, and then when I started to perform as Elvis and I started to learn about him as a character and his life I found him very interesting because he was a pioneer in music.”

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