Augello's winning pizza.
Augello's winning pizza. Contributed

This is the best pizza in Australia

WANT to try Australia's best pizza? Well you can right here on the Sunshine Coast.

Augello's Ristorante and Pizzeria's Ocean Trout Pizza has been named Australia's Best Pizza for 2016.

Owner Simon Best said it was the fifth time they'd won the title by combining some unusual ingredients into the ultimate creation.

"The base sauce is Asian vegetable barbecue sauce with Japanese panko breadcrumbs. Then once the base is cooked we top it with diced, raw ocean trout and avocado mixed through with Japanese mayonnaise and on each piece we put an arancini ball," he said.

Mr Best said although it sounded strange, everyone who had tried it had been blown away.

"You've obviously got to marry the different flavours together," he said.

"At the competition you've got to do four pizzas - one goes to the judging panel and three go to the audience.

"This pizza blew them away. Everyone was saying that they'd never tasted anything like it."

Mr Best said he was always trying to come up with pizza toppings that were out of the norm and he had the perfect team of chefs that brought his ideas to life.

"Pizza is a blank canvas - who says it has to have tomato, ham, cheese, pineapple or salami," he said.

"I have a team of seven chefs, so I come up with wacky ideas and then go into the kitchen and they tell why it can and can't work and we come to a happy medium."

The Ocean Trout Pizza is available to order from the specials list at Augello's, however, Mr Best said it would eventually be added to the main menu.

"We can't do it takeaway but it can be eaten in at the restaurant," he said.

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