Third of newspaper coverage sceptical about climate change

AS MUCH as one-third of Australia's newspaper coverage of climate change is "sceptical" about human-induced sources of the phenomenon, a University of Technology study says.

The study by the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, analysed climate change reporting in print media in Australia in 2011.

It found three months of coverage in 10 major newspapers showed a fall of 20% in coverage of climate science between February and April 2011.

Researcher Professor Wendy Bacon said the "more disturbing" finding was the overall coverage "became decidedly more sceptical" in 2012.

The academic wrote that "nearly all of the scepticism is produced by News Corporation", while Fairfax Media "accept the consensus position" that climate change is a result of human activity.

Prof Bacon said such high levels of scepticism "should be a matter of concern" for the public, government and scientific community as well as the media.

The study only analysed major metropolitan newspapers.

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