Premier Mike Baird wants to talk about sharks
Premier Mike Baird wants to talk about sharks Craig Warhurst

No honeymoon for new premier Mike Baird

THE New South Wales Opposition is attempting to stop newly appointed Premier Mike Baird from having a honeymoon period, demanding government reform on the new leader's first day.

Mr Baird was elected by the NSW Liberal Party as Premier with Gladys Berejiklian his Deputy, following the loss of Barry O'Farrell who fell on his sword after telling the Independent Commission Against Corruption that he could not remember receiving a $3000 bottle of wine.

ICAC later received a hand-written thank-you note sent by Mr O'Farrell regarding the gift.

NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson said Mr Baird had to explain how he would act following the dispatching of the former Premier.

"We have a government in disarray," he said.

"We'll have factional jockeying within the Liberal Party going on right over the weekend.

"Many of the lobbyists and donors will be making phone calls, putting pressure on to see their mates appointed to key ministerial portfolios.

"At the moment, the lobbyists and donors are running the Liberal Party."

Mr Baird said there would be reforms, that the government will respond to public demands for transparency.

The Premier said on Friday he was excited to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that afternoon, despite having "a long-term republican view".

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