COUNCIL ELECTIONS: Your guide to every candidate

SEPTEMBER 10: BEFORE you head to the polls today, here is a reminder of what you will see on the ballot form in front of you. 

See below the full list of candidates for the five council areas of the Northern Rivers.

Also see these separate articles for local government area breakdowns:

Lismore City Council: The contenders

Ballina Shire Council: The contenders

Byron Shire Council: The contenders

Richmond Valley Council: The contenders

Kyogle Council: The contenders


AUGUST 10: AT MIDDAY today, nominations for councillor candidates for the local government elections closed.

We have compiled the list of all the candidates across Northern Rivers local government areas who are putting their hat in the ring to represent us:

Ballina Shire Council

A Ward

Ian HUSH: Independent

Raymond KARAM: Independent

Stephen MCCARTHY: Independent

Phillip MEEHAN: Independent

Stephen POSSELT: The Greens

Nathan WILLIS: Independent

B Ward

Sharon CADWALLADER: Independent

Nathan COOPER: The Greens

Jeff JOHNSON: Independent

Keith WILLIAMS: Independent

C Ward

Anne CROLLICK: Independent

Elva FITZELL: Independent

Michelle LAKE: Independent

Vanessa BARRETT: Independent

Ron BIRCH: Independent

Gail MENSINGA: The Greens

Ben SMITH: Independent

David WRIGHT: Independent

Eoin JOHNSTON (independent)

Sharon PARRY (independent)

Byron Shire Council

Simon RICHARDSON: The Greens

Michael LYON: The Greens

Jeannette MARTIN: The Greens

Sarah NDIAYE: The Greens

Alan HUNTER: Not known

Marc Patten: Independent

Tina PETROFF: Independent

Brian GRANT: Independent

Cate COOREY: Independent

Ben MALLINSON: Independent

Caitlin WEATHERSTONE: Independent

Byron ROGERS: Independent

Gail FULLER: Independent

Cerise GOLLOGLY: Independent

Leah KAPRAL: Independent

Kirsty HARLAND: Independent

Paul SPOONER: Country Labor

Jan HACKETT: Country Labor

Wil CONSTABLE: Country Labor

Joe DAWSON: Country Labor

Monika WHEELER: Country Labor

Peter DOHERTY: Country Labor

George GRAHAM: Independent

Matthew HARTLEY: Independent

Rose WANCHAP: Independent

Basil CAMERON: Our Sustainable Future

Ash STENNETT: Our Sustainable Future

Malcolm PRICE: Our Sustainable Future

Judy D'ABBS: Our Sustainable Future

Brian LATHAM: Independent

Scott CANTRILL: Independent

Walter HALVORSEN: Independent

James WRIGHT: Independent

Liam MUNDAY: Independent

Blair BEATTIE: Independent

Bradley WODISKE: Independent

Lismore City Council

Greg BENNETT: Independent

Nancy ZAMBELLI-CASSON: Independent

Ron PIRLO: Independent

Rob GIBSON: Independent

Heather SIDNEY: Independent

Angela ALBERTINI: Independent

John BARNES: Independent

Alex CORONAKES: Independent

Kel GRAHAM: Independent

Vanessa GRINDON-EKINS: The Greens


Desley BANKS: The Greens

Heather RYAN-DUNN: The Greens

Shae SALMON: The Greens

Trevor ACFIELD: The Greens

Big ROB: Independent

Matthew RAWSON: Independent

Paul DEEGAN: Independent

Micheal LYNCH: Independent

Steve TAMVAKELLIS: Independent

Gianpiero BATTISTA: Independent

Danielle STILES: Independent

Luke HOOLIHAN: Independent

Rebekka BATTISTA: Independent

Neville KING: Independent

Brendan PEARCE: Independent

Elly BIRD: Our Sustainable Future

Guy STEWART: Our Sustainable Future

Simon CLOUGH: Our Sustainable Future

Louise SOMERVILLE: Our Sustainable Future

Annie KIA: Our Sustainable Future

Robyn KELLY: Our Sustainable Future

Neil MARKS: Independent

Bill MOORHOUSE: Independent

Ellen KRONEN: Independent

Darren BUTCHER: Independent

Felicity HYDE: Independent

Bill GRAHAM: Independent

Isaac SMITH Isaac: Country Labor

Darlene COOK: Country Labor

Edwina LLOYD: Country Labor

Maura CHAMBERS: Country Labor

Kevin BELL: Country Labor

Mardi RAMSAY: Country Labor

Will GOODE: Independent

Mathew SCHEIBEL: Independent

Adrian BORDIN: Independent

Caitlin HELLYAR: Independent

Rachael JENKINS: Independent

Ben SLOANE: Independent


Richmond Valley Council

Daniel SIMPSON: Independent

Robert HAYES: Independent

Jill LYONS: Independent

Louise HAYES: Independent

Robert MUSTOW: Independent

Steve MORRISSEY: Independent

Sandra DUNCAN-HUMPHRYS: Independent

Samuel CORNISH: Independent

Neale GENGE: Independent

Kyogle Council

A Ward

Gerard DALTON: Independent

Simon DEJOUX: Independent

Hayden DOOLAN: Independent

Sarah GORDON: Independent

Kylie THOMAS: Independent

Kleon TOFFETTI: The Greens

Janet WILSON: Independent

B Ward

Joseph ALLEN: Independent

John BURLEY: Independent

Bob DWYER: Independent

Maggie MAY: Independent

Tony ZAMMIT: Independent

Lynette ZITO: Independent

C Ward

Earle GRUNDY: Independent

Debbie JOHNSTON: Independent

Danielle MULHOLLAND: Independent

Lindsay PASSFIELD: Independent

Michael REARDON: Independent

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