Fake Pursuit Sunshine Motorway

Teen warns others after fake cops try to stop her car

MUDJIMBA teenager Taylah Morris has warned other drivers to be aware of people impersonating police after a scary experience driving home on the Sunshine Motorway.

Miss Morris had finished work at Maroochydore and was driving onto the northbound lanes of the motorway about 7pm yesterday when she noticed a white van in front of her as she passed the Bradman Ave exit.

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"As I was merging a van was going like 70kmh and I couldn't get in so I slowed down and went behind him and then went to overtake him," Miss Morris said.

"I was going about 90kmh and they sped up and in my peripheral vision I saw them waving and I looked and they were actually waving a badge."

She said the driver was wearing casual clothes and the badge appeared to be a fake police badge.

"They were mouthing 'pull over, pull over.

"That is when I just freaked out and called the police."

Mudjimba resident Taylah Morris, 18, recounts being pursued on the Sunshine Motorway by men who she thought were impersonating police.
Mudjimba resident Taylah Morris, 18, recounts being pursued on the Sunshine Motorway by men who she thought were impersonating police.

"I explained to them that they held the badge up and were waving to tell me to pull over and they (000 operator) just said to keep driving because there were no undercover (police) in a van or anything.

"I kept driving and then they backed off a lot.

"They went really slow so I just sped up and the police stayed on the phone to me until I got into my street."

Her mother and brothers were at home when she arrived.

"I was really scared.

"When I got home I started crying and I was shaking.

"They just calmed me down and kept me cool."

She said she couldn't tell the make of van that followed her but it had a flat front without a bonnet.

"I didn't see the passenger but I know that there was a passenger."

The driver had black hair and a tanned complexion.

She wanted others to know about her experience.

"I would hate for someone to pull over thinking it is an undercover cop and you don't know what could happen."

A police spokesman said they had an emergency call logged for the incident but without a make or model for the vehicle or registration details there was not enough information to take further action.

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