Lives at risk while govts dither over $500k for rescue tower

STATE and Federal governments and our locally-elected reps need to pull their collective fingers out and find some funding to replace the Ballina Marine Rescue Tower.

Volunteers had to abandon the "leaning tower" currently on the site because it was too dangerous, and they now work in primitive conditions to ensure marine safety continues on Ballina's treacherous bar.

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Plenty of politicians over the years have been pictured at the tower, usually during election campaigns, only to fall short when it came to actually stumping up the money to finish the project.

Who should stump up the last few hundred thousand for Ballina's Marine Rescue tower

This poll ended on 16 October 2015.

Current Results

State Government - it's their asset after all


Federal Government - everyone should be chipping in on this


It's all my money whichever level of government has it's name on the receipt. Just get on with it!


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Ballina Shire Council and the volunteers have raised, or promised, most of the cash.

The State Government will also pitch in.

But it is ridiculous this project is being stalled when people's lives are at risk.

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Given Ballina's bar is one of the most dangerous in the state and all the fuss made over recent shark attacks in the area, you'd think this would be an absolute no brainer to be given the green light.

Premier Mike Baird has had plenty to say about what the North Coast should, or shouldn't do about our shark problem. How about getting involved in this issue?

As one of the most popular conservative leaders in this country, his personal intervention on this matter would be most welcomed.

Your vote will shine a light on important cause

Your vote will shine a light on important cause

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