A Twitter post of the man dubbed the Swiss Cheese Pervert.
A Twitter post of the man dubbed the Swiss Cheese Pervert.

Swiss Cheese Pervert gets serve of fresh charges

A MAN dubbed the Swiss Cheese Pervert has been hit with fresh charges of offering women money to watch him put cheese on his genitals.

Christopher Pagano, 41, first made headlines in January for driving around Mayfair and exposing his penis to three women while he asked them to pleasure him with Swiss cheese.

A fourth victim recently came forward to police on her own accord, said the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office.

Last year, the Mayfair Town Watch's Facebook group posted a photo of a man in a car holding cheese along with a warning that read: "Good Morning Mayfair! Please be aware of the Swiss Cheese Pervert! This individual is driving around surrounding communities and exposes himself to women.

"He offers them money to watch him put Swiss cheese on his privates. He is a white, heavy set male, 40-50 years old. He drives a newer model silver sedan. He was also spotted in a black newer model sedan."

The man is also suspected to have set up an account on dating site explaining his fetish.

It has been reported that a woman ion the site received a message from a man who said: "I started to compare girls to cheese due to their milky complections [sic], girls are soft, smooth feeling and tend to like dairy products more. That and typical advertising, always using a girl to advertise dairy products.

"So cheese is what I started to use as a replacement for having sex with girls."

Mr Pagano is next due to face court on April 1.

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