The monster crocodile chows down on the feral pig at Yellow Water in Kakadu. Picture: AMY PIERCE
The monster crocodile chows down on the feral pig at Yellow Water in Kakadu. Picture: AMY PIERCE

Swine dining: Croc shares pig with the ladies

A REPTILIAN Romeo has been spotted making romantic offerings to a harem of lady crocodiles in Kakadu - by sharing a whole pig.

Yellow Water Cruises tour guide Amy Pierce snapped these pictures of a 5m crocodile with a wild pig in its jaws.

Ms Pierce said her husband Josh, who is also a tour guide, saw the croc take down the pig on Sunday morning.

When she took a tour through the area later that day, the amorous beast was still there with his prize.

The croc demonstrated its softer side to her tour group by sharing his meal with some prospective partners.

"He handed it off to a female croc who was guarding it," Ms Pierce said.

"She took two bits of meat out of it and he took it off her and took it to show some other girls."

The massive croc moved into the area about a fortnight ago.

With crocodile breeding season a few weeks away, Ms Pierce said the leathery Lothario was likely setting itself up for some love.

But he may face some competition from the region's current dominant crocodile Maxi.

While the interloper has a significant size advantage on his love rival, Maxi has form in croc-to-croc combat.

Maxi, who is a bit over 4m, is also known as the "cannibal croc" after he was spotted chowing down on a younger 2m crocodile in 2015.

Ms Pierce said Maxi was giving the big fella a wide berth. "Maxi's still around, but he seems to be hiding around the bend," she said.

The romance was likely lost on the unlucky sow's newly orphaned piglets.

Ms Pierce said the two piglets, which she estimated to be about a week old, were clearly distressed as they crossed the river in search of their mum.

"Seeing the piglets was a little disturbing (for tour group members). It's exciting to see predation, but seeing them looking for mum is kind of confronting," she said.

But she said it was difficult to work up too much sympathy for the feral animals.

"I've been seeing more pigs around than the last couple years," she said.

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