Carlene Sherwell in black, instructing young learner surfers at Alexandra Headland.
Carlene Sherwell in black, instructing young learner surfers at Alexandra Headland. Brett Wortman

Surfing lessons via computer? What's app'ening to the world?

WHO would have thought surfing was a skill that could be taught via computer?

But surf brand Hurley believes it can and has launched the "power of the Internet to democratise access to elite surf training".

It offers Sunshine Coast surfers free world-class personal video coaching via its Hurley Surf Club online platform.

And one of its coaches, surfing legend Barton Lynch, reckons it will work a treat for both beginners and the more experienced looking to learn new trips.

"It is so cool that we can use technologies of the day to connect people over the planet to help surfing, it is quite simply amazing," he told the Daily.

Respected Sunshine Coast surfing coach Carlene Sherwell thought it would be a flop for a first-timer.

"You can't learn surfing from a manual or watching a video," she said.

"You can read it, try and implement it, but you will never get it if its not corrected.

"It may be great for an elite surfer to have someone who is watching them surf and can better their technique."

Mr Lynch said it was never designed replace one-on-one coaching, but aimed to connect people and offer coaching to those across the world who "ordinarily may not be able to afford it".

"Embracing technology and helping those improve using it is a natural progression," he said.

"Nike do in running, they have all the training apps.

"I was just in Hawaii, using a Nike coaching session apps for physical training. It was perfect.

"I could put the app on and follow a professional telling me what to do."

Becoming part of the program involves signing up at the Hurley website, submitting a questionnaire about surfing and uploading a one minute video (or less) of surfing two right and left waves to YouTube.

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