Supression order on details of Ogilvie murder lifted

CHILLING details about a violent home invasion which claimed the life a Bilambil drug dealer have been released for the first time.

Luke Ogilvie's incinerated remains were found outside his torched home following a bungled robbery in March, 2010.

Graham Keys-Smith, the man who orchestrated the home invasion, was found guilty of murder and arson last year but details from his sentencing hearing were supressed until his three co-accused - Benjamin and Andrew Biffin and Nicholas McCulloch had been dealt with.

The Tweed trio has since been sentenced for manslaughter and will be eligible for parole within the next year.

Notes from Smith's sentencing hearing revealed he knew the three men were in the business of "ripping over drug dealers and taking their cash and drugs" when he directed them to Mr Ogilvie's home.

He did so, the court heard, because he believed Mr Ogilvie was "hurting his partner" - the mother of Mr Smith's friend.

When all four arrived at the home, they were confronted by Mr Ogilvie, who was expected to be out of town at the time.

Rather than drive away, the car was rammed into the house and Mr Ogilvie was "hit over the head...kicked and assaulted extremely violently...(and rammed against the car)".

He was then run over "seemingly deliberately".

While Mr Smith is not believed to have been physically involved, the jury found he knew of his co-offenders' "propensity for violence... and contemplated that one or more of his co-offenders might form the intention to inflict grievous bodily harm".

After leaving Mr Ogilvie's lifeless body in the drive-way, Mr Smith provided his co-offenders with a jerry can to "clean up the evidence".

The court heard Smith began using drugs when he was just 13 and was "likely to be suffering brain damage".

Justice Stephen Rothman said that while he could not underestimate the "enormity of the loss of life" the impact it had on Mr Ogilvie's family, Smith's involvement in the offences had been at 'the lowest end of the scale".

Smith was sentenced to a total of 14 years jail.

He will be eligible for parole in 2021.

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