Anna Ward with three of her five children.
Anna Ward with three of her five children.

Sudden death of mother hits hard

A NAMBOUR dad who has already been through his own physical trials is battling to find the words to explain to his five young children mummy won't be coming back.

Anna Ward, 33, died suddenly on April 12 in what preliminary autopsy results are now suggesting was a type of heart attack.

Sister-in-law, Bianca Simpson, said the family have been informed Anna had "severe narrowing, with blockage of all main coronary arteries".

The entire family is in "complete shock" as there was no warning.

Anna had woken up on the Tuesday morning and got all the children, aged between seven and 12, ready for school at Nambour State College.

"She dropped them and then said as she always does, 'goodbye kids, love you, see you this afternoon".

Then she went home to her husband as she has been his legal carer since he suffered a brain aneurysm in 2005.

"He had brain surgery and suffers minor seizures so she is his carer," Ms Simpson said.

"She came home to look after him and make him lunch. She made a pie, popped it in the oven and took cookies and milk to Bret.

"While he was lying back watching a movie, she walked out of the lounge room and calmly called out his name.

"When he came out she was sitting on the floor and she looked up at him and said 'Bret, I think you need to call an ambulance'.

"By the time he got to her, she lay down in his arms and passed away.

"He was doing everything he could to try and resuscitate her while waiting for the ambulance.

"The ambulance were trying to do what they could, but they couldn't bring her back.

"It was so quick and unexpected, that's the hardest part.

"None of us can get our head around how someone that happy and healthy can just go like that.

"The hardest part has been not knowing why.

"The kids say to us 'but why' and we can't answer them."

Bret, a former construction foreman, had to give up his job after his surgery and the family has been struggling financially as it was.

They never expected to have to prepare for a funeral.

Thankfully Gregson and Weight funeral home has once again proven its community spirit by substantially reducing the cost of the service, to be held next Tuesday.

"They weren't prepared for this," Ms Simpson said.

"They didn't have any savings put aside."

How Bret will cope with five young children, including one who has autism and also needs care, is a concern for the family.

"He feels so lost without her, she did everything. They have been together for 14 years," Ms Simpson said.

His family have been through so much as after they thought they were going to lose him after his aneurysm.

"He pulled through and Anna supported him all the way."

Already the family has been "blown away" by the community support they have received.

But Bret is going to need continual support.

If you can help, please go to their Gofundme page at 98yp273u.

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