Success for new favourite

Natalie Saleeba and Rhys Muldoon in a scene from the TV series House Husbands.
Natalie Saleeba and Rhys Muldoon in a scene from the TV series House Husbands. Gina Milicia - Contributed by Channel 9/WIN

HOUSE Husbands has cemented itself as Australia's most popular family drama.

Viewer support earned the show its first Logie earlier this month for Most Popular Drama Series, just a day before the second series debuted in its new Monday timeslot.

"You're always hopeful you win anything in this life," star Rhys Muldoon told The Guide.

"Often a show takes a while to find its feet but we seemed to find ours pretty quickly, which is a mild miracle.

"The cast all get on quite well. The settling in period didn't take too long."

Muldoon is one of the four "house husbands" who form friendships after meeting at school drop-off.

Following the highs and lows of the four families, and the many misadventures of the four men, House Husbands quickly earned a loyal viewer base last year.

Muldoon puts the show's success down to the writing, cast and their all-important chemistry.

"We've been very lucky in that way," he said.

"Chemistry is an intangible thing that we've been very lucky to stumble across."

House Husbands - Nine/WIN - Monday at 8.40pm Qld, 9pm NSW

The first two episodes of series two have already seen Muldoon's Mark experiencing plenty of drama, mostly thanks to his wife Abi (Natalie Saleeba) calling off his vasectomy at the last minute.

"It's just amazing how much he acquiesces to Abi's will," he said.

"She goes from 'I want you cut your balls off' to 'no I want to have another child'. He certainly rolls with the scalpel and the punches. I don't really get the feeling that Mark's penis is his own in some ways (laughs)."

But the pressure of having another child has affected his relationship with the other husbands: Justin (Firass Dirani), Kane (Gyton Grantley) and Lewis (Gary Sweet).

"Everything he does turns to trouble," Muldoon said.

"Mark gets in trouble a lot, which is a lot of fun to play."

He said there's more trouble ahead for Mark and the other men.

"His time becomes more precious and he starts to become more successful, which starts to bother the other boys," he said.

"There's a bit more to and fro between him and the other husbands."

Muldoon also let slip that there are some "big things" coming up in the new series which the producers are keeping under wraps.

The actor's on-screen and off-screen lives are about to collide with his real-life daughter about to meet his House Husbands daughter Poppy, played by Lily Jones.

"I don't know if it's going to be this weird alternative universe freak out or not," he said.

"Hello real daughter meet pretend daughter. Will they just punch on? I just don't know."

Muldoon was full of praise for his young co-stars, particularly Jones. "I think she is the best obviously, as you would," he said.

"She can improvise and you just go 'she's just so good'. Just point the camera towards her and it's gold."

Their other House Husbands co-star, Edwina Royce, made history at this month's Logies as the youngest ever nominee in the Most Popular New Female Talent category.

This week on House Husbands, Kane and Tom's relationship is tested when they come to loggerheads over how to deal with the return of Stella's biological father Liam.

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