Change up your school fundraisers with these ideas.
Change up your school fundraisers with these ideas. hatman12

Stay At Home Mum: Start making cents for your school

FROM crazy hair days to cent auction fundraisers, raising money can be so simple yet absolutely brilliant.

Even dollar donation fundraisers can go a long way when you have fun and engaging ideas.


CRAZY HAIR DAYS: Crazy hair days are a perfect, easy and fun way to raise money.

Asking the kids to come to school with their craziest hairdos and a dollar donation creates a fantastic day at school.

All sorts of colours, themes and bits and bobs can be added into these events for extra fun.


CASINO NIGHT: Card games and fancy dress is a great event for all to become involved in.

All sorts of card games can be played and taught to the students. Some may even come up with their own games to play.


TALENT SHOW: Singing, dancing and skits - you can't get more entertaining.

See all of the talents of the students or whole classes or grades, and get the whole school involved and urge families to come and watch their little ones.

Selling tickets to the shows is a great way to raise funds for the school.


SCHOOL PLAY: So many different production ideas can come from school plays.

It's all about getting families and the community involved with fun and engaging events. Any kind of play can be produced with singing, dancing, drama and performing arts.

There is sure to be a great show made that everybody can enjoy.

Tickets can be sold for the event or dollar donations made at the door, whichever suits the school.


SPELLING BEE: A little bit of competition can be a perfect event to bring engagement with all ages.

Spelling bees can be held at the school, local areas, shopping malls, anywhere to get everyone involved.

Each age level can have different difficulties, entry fees can come from the students to participate or parents can donate to watch the competition.

Or switch it and make the competition an adult spelling bee. Have the kids test the adults for a change.


RACE: Hold a race locally or around the school, with maps and clues to help the kids navigate their way around as quick as they can.

This can be for all grades with different maps and clues to finish their race.

It can be done in classes, groups or students on their own for a dollar donation.

Jody Allen is the founder of Stay At Home Mum.

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