Schapelle Corby after her release from prison. Source: Seven/Sunday Night
Schapelle Corby after her release from prison. Source: Seven/Sunday Night

Squealing Schapelle Corby's first words are... interesting

CONVICTED drug smuggler Schapelle Corby's first words have been revealed in a promo for Seven's Sunday night program showing the moments after she was released from prison.

The segment is a pull-together of unseen footage of Corby and her interactions with family members but does not include any interview after her release.

Corby has been warned by Indonesian officials that given she is still on parole, any interview would be frowned upon.

However, there is speculation Corby's sister Mercedes may be interviewed as the ban does not apply to her.

A spokeswoman for Seven has told News Corp that there was no payment made.

"It's a compelling piece of journalism that captures the moments and days after Schapelle stepped behind the door of the villa and experienced freedom for the first time in nine-and-a-half years."

The footage shows an overwhelmed Corby being driven from Kerobokan.

Corby's first words to Australia since her release from prison were: "I feel like a crab."

Corby was speaking from beneath a veil after she was bundled into a car surrounded by cameras and reporters.

The convicted drug smuggler's voice can be heard on a promotional video for the Seven television network's current 

The words are followed by compliments to the car's driver as the gathered media pack is left behind as they speed away.

"Nice one, driver," Corby says on the video. "Woo hoo!."

The video contains footage of her jumping up and down with excitement when she arrives at her destination.

She then removes the veil and is seen to be grinning with happiness.

Seven West Media, which owns the Seven network, and Corby's sister, Mercedes, have both launched legal action against the Australian Federal Police after up to 30 AFP offices raided Seven's Sydney offices.

They were looking for proof of a possible interview deal with Corby that may have been contrary to the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Both Mercedes Corby and veteran Seven have rubbished reports of a $2 million deal.

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