Avenged Sevenfold had the fans going crazy during the headlines slot at Soundwave 2014.
Avenged Sevenfold had the fans going crazy during the headlines slot at Soundwave 2014. Marc Stapelberg

2014 Soundwave a riot for massive crowds

Vikings Ships, giant blood spurting prosthetic penises, make-up and big personalities all meant that the 2014 Soundwave was bound to be a memorable one.

It all culminated with Australian band Thy Art Is Murder being kicked off the Soundwave tour for inciting a stage invasion.

Later AJ Maddah tweeted that he had re-added the band after meeting with them in person.

"Hopefully we'll see a more considerate band on the tour," he tweeted.

But as they say the show must go on and most punters seemed to be having the time of their lives.

Viking metal band, Amon Amarth amassed an enormous crowd at 11 in the morning - not an easy feet to accomplish.

Many stayed after Amon Amarth to watch the seasoned veterans Mushroomhead give an energetic show - masks and all.

Fiver Finger Death Punch lead singer Ivan L Moody showed his displeasure about being placed on the stage at midday, but put on an amazing dynamic show with an energetic set.

His performance was highly engaging and he had the crowd frothing for more.

He worked them up with his charisma and enthusiasm and allowed them to shake his hands after they jumped the barrier.

But Black Dahlia Murder fans were not happy when he crossed stages and actually grabbed  Brian Eschbach's guitar while he was sound checking, even though FFDP had gone overtime by 3 songs.

This put stage 7 well off time, and put all the bands at that stage late for the rest of the day.

Testament put on a spirited performance with an enormous backdrop and smoke breathing skulls.

Gold Coast band Helm stepped up with just 24 hours notice when former Metallica bassist Jason Newstead's band Newsted pulled out following a supposed tiff with Megadeth.

In fact, Megadeth, Whitechapel, Stone Temple Pilots and Hardcore Superstar all pulled out for different reason with very short notice.

A highlight for many fans was the theatrical band GWAR who sprayed the entire front row with fake blood and thrilled onlookers by decapitating a mannequin Tony Abbot.

Trivium, Suicide Silence, and Volbeat played crushing sets with Volbeat closing with a quick slayer tribute.

The numerous headliners lived up to the expectation with Green Day pulling one of the biggest crowds of the day.

Korn put on a brutal display with recently returned guitarist Head, smashing his dreadlocks all over the stage.

Korn started with songs from Follow the Leader and Issues and went on to bellow crushing riffs, and melodic grooves all over the RNA showgrounds.

In fact Korn stole most of Jimmy Eat World's audience leaving Stage 2 fairly empty at the time.

Rob Zombie and Avenged Sevenfold delivered faultless performances even though Rob Zombie had technical issues to begin with.

Avenged Sevenfold's opening banner was very similar to Machine Head's crest.

But this eventually fell away in a flurry of pyro and fire to reveal the better known Avenged Sevenfold banner - the Death Bat.

Phil Anselmo was having a blast at the isolated stage 7 and fans were enjoying Down's southern American metal flovour.

His crowd interactions were different to most bands on the day with Phil smashing the microphone against his head until he bled and stopping a song so his band mates could see a fan's 'jugs'.

Mastadon, however, lulled their supportive fans into a trance of progressive metal and dizzying solos, while creating a truly enjoyable atmosphere.

The interactions between band and audience was vastly less than with other bands, but both Mastadon and the audience seemed to be loving every minute of it.

Soundwave has once again done an amazing job to cater for so many genres of heavy music and to pull off a festival that was overflowing with headline acts.

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