Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is the latest federal MP to face citizenship questions.
Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is the latest federal MP to face citizenship questions. Chris Ison ROK040817cnationals1

SOAP BOX: MP citizenship questions no shock

AUSTRALIA'S politicians seem to be dropping like flies.

Another week, another three MPs positions in question over the citizenship status.

If this keeps up there won't be many pollies left in the house.

It should, perhaps, not be terribly surprising more and more MPs have historical or ancestral ties to foreign nations, given more than a quarter of all Australians were born overseas (28%) and a fifth (21%) of Aussies have parents who were born abroad.

Now even our Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, is questioning his identity after revelations he is unknowingly a dual Australian and New Zealand citizen.

It does seem a bit bizarre though that New Zealand automatically gives citizenship to anyone born overseas to a parent who was a New Zealand citizen or who was born there (Mr Joyce's father was born in New Zealand, Mr Joyce himself was born in Australia).

I suppose it's a bit like us claiming New Zealand's talent - Russell Crow, Neil and Tim Finn and many more - as our own, except the Kiwis aren't fussy and automatically give descendants of their people citizenship.

In fact, I have to admire New Zealand's welcoming attitude and loyalty to the children of its own, even if they have never lived there.

It's a shame the whole dual citizen thing is causing so much drama on Aussie soil though.

Dual citizenship should not have to be an issue.

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