TOURING: Blue Mountains singer-songwriter Snez.
TOURING: Blue Mountains singer-songwriter Snez. Contributed

Snez brings her stories from the road

REGAL Records has announced the release of House on Four Wheels, the third album by singer- songwriter Snez.

The songstress has a forte for describing the experiences of everyday life in a way that resonates with her audience.

Coming from a Macedonian working-class family, where stories about hardship, romance, black magic, mysticism and work ethic have been passed down through generations, Snez subtly weaves these influences into her own stories and songs, in the process creating a powerful, personal and intimate performance on stage and in the studio.

In 2009, Snez released her debut album Gypsy Soul and began her journey as a travelling storyteller.

Based in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, with guitar in hand, Snez spent the next seven years roaming remote and regional Australia, finding a willing audience around campfires, at cattle stations, on the side of highways and along pavements, at nursing homes, refugee camps, cafes, pubs, living rooms and indigenous communities.

Snez lived squeezing her world into a campervan, her "house on four wheels", for months at a time.

"I started writing House on Four Wheels while on tour in the remote areas of the Northern Territory," she said.

"The red dirt, the interesting characters and open roads are so inspiring and allow space for writing songs."

The artist delivers pop-folk music with an equal slice of depth and quirkiness.

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