CROWS Nest is being called the nicest town in Australia after residents banded together to help their less fortunate neighbours.

A group of residents led by Pastor David Davies spread the true spirit of Christmas by donating hampers and free meals to 63 people yesterday.

Donations were made from almost every local business in the township and some out-of-town businesses.

The group received items ranging from pastries and wine to toys.

GRATEFUL: Neil and Kiralee Johnson
GRATEFUL: Neil and Kiralee Johnson

Neil Johnson is the full-time carer for his wife Kiralee, who has MS.

They were among eight families who received a hamper. Other people received free food.

Mr Johnson said his wife was so grateful, she had been in tears all day.

"It was absolutely beautiful. I come from New South Wales - in the Sydney area, which was a very urban dwelling.

"Getting this hamper was an eye opener. It's a great little community."

He said the town was among the nicest in Australia.

"It's such a small town that even if people don't know you, they know of you and a bit about you."

He said members of the tight-knit community turned out in droves to search for a young girl who went missing recently.

"It's the community spirit - everyone gets out to help others, even though you might not know them."

Dozens of residents were assisted.
Dozens of residents were assisted.

Mr Johnson said his wife had recently been to hospital and they hadn't been able to shop for Christmas.

"The hampers helped us out immensely and made our Christmas a lot better.

"We now have things to give to the kids on Christmas day and have food in the cupboard. I'm gobsmacked."

Pastor Davies said the donations had been made at short notice with the whole community pitching in.

"We wanted to make a difference in the lives of families at Christmas.

"It was just an idea and the community has rallied around that."

The drive was organised by the Crows Nest Qld Community Facebook page, which was flooded with messages of support.

Organisers included David Davies, Paul Pelling, Alyssa Tumeke Jane, Rio Mocock and Stacy Burgess.

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