Skip driver strikes truck in hit-and-run

A BRAZEN hit-and-run has been caught on camera by Western Australian truck driver Michael Hutchison. 

Thanks to his dashcam, Mr Hutchison was able to record the moment the truck he was travelling in was side swiped by  the vehicle carrying a skip bin as it attempted to overtake. 

Instead of pulling up to exchange details, the rigid is filmed driving in the wrong lane, before correcting itself and then speeding off into the distance. 

In the online post Mr Hutchison describes the incident as a "road rage hit-and-run".

"Road raging with the finger and tailgating, overtook and sideswiped our truck, luckily we had 6 tonne onboard and didn't budge much," Mr Hutchinson posted.

"Just flattened mirror and guard on drivers side of truck, he almost went into the trees which is what we figure he wanted to happen to us. I hope he's not working for you?," he said. 

The video has already been viewed over 8000 times. 

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